Issues that Canadians face when buying U.S. Property Canadian clients contact the cross border experts at Altro & Associates every day, looking for the perfect structure to buy real estate investment/vacation properties in the United States.

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Foreigners are buying US residential real estate at a record clip. trump towers I, II and III are shown in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, U.S. March 13, 2017. Sunny Isles is a suburb of Miami. A tumultuous political environment isn’t scaring international buyers from investing in US residential real estate.

Choice Home Loans If you have a steady, reliable source of income and know that you will be able to repay the loan, its low interest rate and possible tax deductibility make it a sensible choice. Obtaining a.

Canadian consumer debt levels continue. be a shift in the profile of mortgage customers, and activity in the real estate market, but at this point most people are managing their payments." Tracking. "The low delinquency rates on home mortgages are a contrast to the rising delinquency rates on consumer credit.

Florida remains the favorite destination of foreign buyers, buyers, but shoppers come from all over the globe, with Canadians, “It takes a lot more pounds to buy an American property than it did a. “Many Canadians and other foreigners found Florida so enticing because of its lenient tax laws,” Yun said.

Foreign buyers might make up a small sliver of Canada’s biggest real estate markets, but homebuyers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal still believe they are heavily influencing housing activity. A study from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation released Wednesday found that 68 per cent of Vancouver respondents, 48 per cent of Toronto respondents and 42 per cent of Montreal respondents.

Many Canadian buyers are of the mistaken impression that as a foreign buyer they are taxed at a higher rate than a US citizen. This is not accurate. Canadian and US buyers are taxed on the same system.the difference exists for those individuals that elect to make Florida their "full time" place of residence.