5 States With the Highest Foreclosure Inventories Foreclosures are falling across the country, but they still make up a big chunk of some markets’ housing stock. corelogic reveals in its report on September housing data that the following states have the highest foreclosure inventories:

In the month of April, 38,000 U.S. home foreclosures were completed, up 5. states with the lowest inventories of foreclosed properties are Minnesota (0.3%), Alaska (0.3%), Utah (0.3%), Arizona (0.3.

The foreclosure crisis is slowly easing, but in some of the nation’s neighborhoods it feels like it has just begun. Total foreclosure filings, including default notices, scheduled auctions and bank.

. Sources in Table 1. 6 The same estimation procedure was employed as in Footnote 5.. During the 1920s relatively high foreclosure rates occurred in states.

Florida Still Ranks High In Number Of Foreclosures – Tampa, FL – Florida ranked among the top states with the highest number of legacy foreclosures on loans originated between 2004 and 2008.

Florida, New Jersey, and New York have the highest foreclosure inventory as a percentage of mortgaged homes, but 36 states have an inventory level. Alaska Foreclosure inventory: 0.5%.

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Summarizes the 2009 Foreclosures state legislation.. to update the opening bid prior to the sale, as specified, and authorizes a beneficiary who provides an opening bid to accept a higher bid.. Signed by governor 10/5/09, Public Act 09 -7.

In May, one in 885 homes in the U.S. had a foreclosure filing, according to RealtyTrac. Here are the 5 states with the highest foreclosure rates. Watch the video version of this report – By Quentin.

How to Find and Buy a Foreclosed Home Florida back in top 5 states with highest number of foreclosure filings for last month. Florida back in top 5 states with highest number of foreclosure filings for last month.

Nationally, one in every 2,652 U.S. properties received a foreclosure filing during the month of July. States with the highest foreclosure rates in July included New Jersey (one in every 1,173 housing.

In 2017, the death rate was 731.9 per 100,000 across the U.S., but was significantly higher in a group of five southern states. (brett Ziegler for USN&WR) People who live in certain Southern states.

The five states with the highest foreclosure inventory in May were New Jersey (5.8% of all mortgaged homes), Florida (5.2%), New York (4.3%), Hawaii (3.1%) and Maine (2.8%). The five states with the.